Our vision is to re-discover the 'lost' areas of the gardens, working slowing and sensitively to restore them so that they can be maintained for future generations and enjoyed by the many visitors who now come to Riverhill.

All profits from the garden visitors have gone directly back into improving Riverhill. In addition to this we are so grateful for the grants we have received over the past 10 years. The scale and complexity of the projects have meant that we would not have been able to tackle them without this vital funding. Thank you also to the garden volunteers who have worked tirelessly on many of these projects - you are wonderful!

Here are the 'highlights' of the past 10 years; collapsed walls now rebuilt, structures now restored and lost areas re-discovered - we have been busy!

Re-launch of the gardens. With the support of a SEEDA grant we were able to complete the initial construction of the car park, renovations to the cafe, planting the maze and the initial phase of adventure playground.

Renovation of the old Squash court - The Garden Room.
Addition of further play equipment in Adventure playground
Restoration and re-painting of 35 windows on the main house and repair and re-rendering of 4 chimneys.
The restoration of southern wall of the Walled Garden (at the back of the Rose walk) which had completely collapsed.

Introduction of volunteer gardening team under supervision of Head Gardener
Re-landscaping of Walled garden to include grass terraces, a vegetable garden and water feature
Re-setting the Rose Walk beds with metal edging, re-turfing and re-planting.
Extensive repairs to the lower Rose Walk retaining wall following its collapse due to excessive rain.

Huge Cracks in the Eastern Wall of the Walled Garden 'stitched' and buttress repairs.
Grand Opening of The Walled Garden
Edging repairs and renovation to Garden Entrance

Installation of new bio-disk drainage system
Renovation of Cafe interior
Planted wild flower meadow

Installation of new solar panel array
Extension to original car park
Introduction of Ice cream kiosk

Cupola installed in maze
Re-built steps from Rose Walk to Orchard sweep which had collapsed
Repaired steps at the back of the Walled Garden
Orchard field opened to visitors
Work commenced on Lower Terrace Wall and Summerhouse

Finished re-building of Lower Terrace Wall and the complete restoration of the summerhouse
Improvements to paths to lower terrace
Additional sticking on Walled Garden Eastern Wall
New tube slide installed in playground

Initial clearance of Hidden Rock Garden
Re-planting of Tortoise Walk Border
Re-landscaping of seated area at the the end of the Rose Walk (volunteers)
Re-pointing of Rose Walk Steps and walls (volunteers)